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  My name is Josh and I live in the Benton area (more accurately down Congo/Ferndale close to Salem).  I am brand new to metal detecting but I have gone on about 3 hunts by my lonesome for practice and to try and learn my machine.  I am using a BH Tracker IV, I know it isn't anything fancy but it does seem to get the job done...especially since I am learning its different tones and how to tweak it here and there. 

 Anyhow, I am 35 and retired military (due to shrapnel I took in my right leg while in Iraq), my wife and I moved to the state in 2009 so I am not native to the area. I plan on trying to attend the next meeting and joining the club but wanted to get a feel to see if there were anyone else in my area.  I am also on the Treasure Quest forums as TacCom if anyone frequents those boards.  So I hope to get to know some of you soon and learn as much as possible.


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Josh, couple of use detect Benton all the time. Like anywhere else, it is hard to find places to go without having to door knock. Check out the Metal Detecting AR facebook page.

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